“Looks like a shuffleboard is in our future.”

Neighborhood community connection app Nextdoor is still a private company, said Margie Mader-Clark, VP of human resources. As such, sometimes they can’t offer lots of elaborate perks, like extensive game rooms, at their San Francisco headquarters. But it’s not about the perks, it’s about the people — and a collective employee mindset is worth more than any game room. By fiercely emphasizing open communication and collaboration between everyone at all levels, and accommodating workers’ individual needs, Nextdoor is slowly but surely creating its own company community of great neighbors.

“The same program that we implement externally in the app for finding good neighbors, we’re using to look for good neighbors in our employee base,” Mader-Clark said. “The prize is cash, and they get to choose how to spend it on the company.”

Mader-Clark said that the past four “good neighbor” employee winners — nominated by their coworkers — chose to

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