were-hiring-street-cultureStreet Culture is a bi-weekly feature where we take a closer look at issues in office culture and management at some of the most dynamic companies in the industry.

When recruiting top talent, money is only money. In tech, the talent pool is small and the number of open jobs is projected to keep rising in the coming decade.

“Everyone has the same money,” said John Smith, CTO, chief evangelist, and team member at Questis, a financial service provided as an employee benefit. “If you want to be different, you really have to be about the culture.”

Smith said that in America, an average yearly income of about $68,000 is actually a line where people stop caring as much about their paychecks, and start looking at how much they like – or hate – their jobs.

That line is driving a change in how some companies are finding employees. The talent shortage means candidates who have high-demand skills, such as programming, have their pick of employers. Startups are responding to that by creating

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