stonecoat blown limestone tiles

There are plenty of home and building improvement products available in the market. But there aren’t many that can actually transform a home or building’s surface into a different substance. But that’s just what StoneCoat is meant to do. Read more about the company and its offering in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Transforms vertical surfaces into limestone.

Sam Hance, President of StoneCoat told Small Business Trends, “Originally developed in Europe to restore old historic buildings, StoneCoat is a proprietary blend of limestone and other natural stone materials and minerals specifically designed to be blown onto walls.”

Business Niche

Offering a versatile blown limestone solution.

Hance says, “Because our product is light-weight, it can be blown onto almost any vertical surface – including brick, cinder block, wood and even sheetrock – thereby offering huge advantages over heavier quarried stone. Once applied, it is able to be carved, shaped, and

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Source: Small Business Trends