attend event management platform

Live events can be a useful for marketing your brand. But all the planning and logistics involved can be intimidating.

That’s why Attend offers an event management and engagement platform designed not only to help businesses plan events, but also to help them manage relationships with attendees both during and after. Read more about Attend and its offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight:

What the Business Does

Offers an event management and engagement platform.

The platform is designed to keep everything related to a company’s events on one central platform. You can use it to invite and manage attendees, streamline operations and even manage conversations during and after events.

The company also offers a mobile app that allows employees to make notes and manage conversations on the go.

Business Niche

Being the sales minded event management platform.

CEO Matt Engel told Small Business Trends, “Marketers love Attend because we help them streamline the event management

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Source: Small Business Trends