Google-my-businessThis is the second in a series on tips, tools and strategies for SMBs, sponsored by LocalVox.

The Beatles had it right: I get by with a little help from my friends.

It’s not easy being a small or medium-sized business, where it’s all about juggling—trying to drive sales, understand and implement new technologies, refine operations, hire the right people, manage a growing budget, figure out the best way to scale, and the list goes on.

Sometimes local marketing moves to the back burner. The marketing industry moves quickly, and it’s often difficult to keep up with the shifts in consumer behavior, spending, technology, and effectiveness. Fifty-three percent of marketers admit that their primary challenge is the lack of resources and bandwidth needed to stay on top of localization strategies. 

But reaching and acquiring customers in the local space is not just important, it’s essential to a business’s success. To wit:

  • The local marketing industry is $44 billion (and growing 20

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Source: Street Fight