Brand Battle CVS Walgreens

Drug stores might not be able to be everything to everyone, but they sure are trying. Hitting up the closest local pharmacy often can solve many less urgent types of emergencies, like the last roll of toilet paper, a missed menstrual cycle, or running out of wine.

For those drugs stores trying to connect with customers, the market is tough. Many of the same items are available at grocery and big-box stores. To see how two of these drug stores approach local branding, digital marketing company Brandify hosted a competition between CVS and Walgreens in the October Brand Battle.

Brandify calculated brand scores for each company, basing the final tallies on data evaluating six branding “pillars:” data quality, local SEO, reviews, local advertising, engagement, and competition. Each pillar speaks to how the companies perform in local markets, and scores can be updated every week as marketing strategies are analyzed and modified.

Walgreens took home October’s Brand Battle champion title

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Source: Street Fight