sound suite on hold messaging

Sound Suite, a product from Tie National, a technology solutions provider for multi-location businesses, is a system designed to manage the content that callers hear while on hold.

The on hold messaging platform includes a variety of music appropriate for different kinds of businesses. It also lets users access the administrative interface directly, to add specialized or targeted messages and promotions, giving business owners complete control of what callers hear while waiting to speak to a representative.

Sound Suite On Hold Messaging

Sound Suite bundles message-on-hold and background music into a central online portal for unlimited scheduling. Tie National is introducing Sound Suite as a packaged solution with a subscription price of $39.99 per month per location that includes unlimited daily changes between provided playlists and messages.

sound suite on hold messaging

Sound Suite Causing Stir Among Competitors

Sound Suite isn’t the only on hold messaging system that allows businesses to add customized

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Source: Small Business Trends