The need to generate leads has always been crucial for businesses, and the challenge has only gotten tougher for small brick-and-mortars who are fighting to thrive in an increasingly “uberized” world. So much consumer activity is conducted online, and even mega corporations like Walmart and Macy’s, once deemed invincible, are in a major slump. But there is an advantage to being local — so long as you get to know your neighbors.

Snowcap Data today announced the launch of Leadbird, a lead-generation toolkit designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The Internet-based platform, which aggregates real-time local data, looks to give small businesses the same kind of access to data that big businesses have, but on a hyperlocal level. From there, SMBs can design direct marketing campaigns based on information about the consumers in their proximity.

“Mega-corporations have massive marketing budgets and can purchase targeted lists or create their own with their own large customer base,&rdquo

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Source: Street Fight