communication and promotion strategy with social media

Small businesses continue to be in love with social media.

Regular readers will remember that I’ve written how local businesses have embraced social media as a marketing vehicle, often seemingly on faith. I’ve cited survey data from our Local Merchant Report showing widespread adoption — even among very small businesses — but a relatively high (38 percent) rate of complaints on lacking returns. That could be attributed to a mismatch of objective and medium, missing measurement, or a failure to integrate social with other marketing initiatives. It’s probably some combination of those.

Well, perhaps many of them are solving those problems. A survey we put out last month to about 100 small business owners suggests as much. We asked them to tell us what were their most effective marketing tools and tactics among a list of a dozen. Two-thirds of respondents selected social media as one of their top three.


Some other takeaways from this quick survey:

  • The perception that digital

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Source: Street Fight