spending at small businesses higher in some cities

Spending at small businesses is much higher in some metropolitan areas than others, according to data from the newly formed J.P. Morgan Chase Institute, a think tank created to provide insight on the economy using the bank’s proprietary information. The relative balance between central cities and suburbs may be the reason.

In a recently released report, analysts at the Institute examined 12.4 billion anonymized credit and debit purchases by 48 million credit card customers in 15 metropolitan areas between October 2012 and July 2015. One question they examined was the fraction of short-term spending — defined as spending not on durable goods — undertaken at small businesses and big companies across different metropolitan areas.

Spending At Small Businesses

While the study focused on only 15 metropolitan areas that do not truly represent the totality of U.S. metropolitan areas, limiting our ability to draw any firm conclusions for all 381 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the

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Source: Small Business Trends