Noting a preference for a consumer future more like Cheers than Minority Report, and de-emphasizing technological innovations in the way forward for their businesses, two pioneers in Internet startups discussed the powerful re-emergence of loyalty that takes an even sharper focus on the very particular preferences of individuals.

“The premise of our business is that in the past you walk into your local business and everybody knows who you are. It is a very familial relational space,”FiveStars CEO Victor Ho in an afternoon panel discussion at Street Fight Summit West. “Our goal is to help these business owners treat every single [customer] as a unique individual. Not long from now it’s either going to be like Minority Report or like Cheers. We want it to be like Cheers.”

Belly CEO Logan LaHive noted that his company had invested heavily in innovative technologies early on in its history. The company was a launch partner with Passbook and worked with Google Wallet, but LaHive says he

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Source: Street Fight