Neil Sweeney, CEO, Juice and FreckleloT, presents “2016

Locations and brands that aren’t doing everything they can to capture the IDFA (Identifier for Advertising) or the identifiers from mobile users are falling behind, warned Freckle IoT CEO Neil Sweeney in a presentation at Street Fight Summit West 2016 on Tuesday. The IDFA is the cookie in mobile, and Sweeney said firms that fail to layer it into their individual data sets are missing the mark.

“The way we categorize data is that it’s probabilistic,” Sweeney said. “If you are acquiring or buying location from bid stream data, your location is inferred and inherently flawed.”

One of the “dirty secrets” in mobile around location and attribution is that data accuracy is inadequate more often than not, particularly when consumers go indoors.

“People want more transparency, they want more accountability, they want to get closer to the till,” he said, referring to marketers.

Unpacking the problems with location data means talking through beacons and attribution, and focusing on identifiers

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Source: Street Fight