saucon source

Some say that local news is a dying field. But for Josh Popichak, Publisher of Saucon Source in Saucon Valley, Pennsylvania, it’s really just getting started.

After crowdfunding some startup capital, Popichak launched Saucon Source in October 2014. He’s since used a mix of technology, unique monetization methods, and good old fashioned news gathering to grow it into a site with nearly 100,000 monthly pageviews in an area that has just about 18,000 residents.

Popichak’s journalism career began about ten years ago. He spent a few years working in print media and then made the switch to digital with a job covering local news for When that job ended, Popichak knew that he still wanted to deliver quality news content to his local community. And having seen the power of digital media, he came up with the idea for starting Saucon Source.

But Saucon Source isn’t just unique in that it delivers hyperlocal news content in a digital format. Popichak has also formed a unique business

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Source: Small Business Trends