Samsung Gear 360

The 360-degree video capture market is relatively new, but many see the technology as a stepping stone for virtual reality (VR) content. A truly immersive VR experience requires cameras that are capable of capturing everything a person sees in front of them. And that is what the new Samsung Gear 360 is designed to do, the company says.

Samsung announced the Gear 360 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it is not the only company coming out with this type of camera in 2016. Kodak, Ricoh, Nikon, LG, Bublcam and Vuze are just some of the many you will be seeing in the market place.

The Samsung Gear 360 has a dual f/2.0 fisheye lens with 15 megapixel image sensors capable of capturing high-resolution (3840×1920) 360-degree video, as well as 30 megapixel still images. And if you just want to capture a 180-degree image, all you have to do is use only one of the cameras.

Th company claims to have designed the camera so anyone can use it out of the box. The Bright Lens 2.0

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