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The Internet provides small businesses with an incredible amount of access to resources, but this access comes with some caveats, and security happens to be one of them. The new Cisco Small Business Routers: the RV320 and RV325 with Web filtering look to add a layer of protection by preventing access to dangerous sites on the Web.

The security threat landscape in the digital world is well documented. While the data breaches in large public and private organizations grab the headlines, thousands of such events take place daily targeting small businesses and individual users.

In many cases, the attacks are launched when users perform benign tasks such as visiting a website, opening emails or documents and downloading apps, music or games. And for small companies with limited budgets where it is not feasible to have a security expert on staff, a small business router such as the ones Cisco is offering can solve the problem.

The Cisco small business router comes with Web filtering to

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Source: Small Business Trends