There’s no shortage of negativity, especially in business. But there are plenty of ways you can spread positive vibes to counter all that bad energy. And thankfully, just as negativity is contagious, positivity is too — leading to increased motivation, better collaboration and higher productivity in your business. Here are five strategies I use that can help you change your mindset and influence the people in your work network to do the same.

Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is when you receive a good deed and, instead of returning the favor, you pass it on to the next person who may be in need of what you can provide.

Since I have received considerable help from other more experienced businesspeople whose assistance, advice, and connections proved invaluable when I was launching my first business, I pay it forward by doing the same for other entrepreneurs and freelancers who are starting out and could use similar guidance. I felt good having someone help me, but I really have

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Source: Small Business – Black Enterprise