Lifestyle EntrepreneurshipNo one goes into business with the intention of making a loss. However, as the statistics have shown, many would-be entrepreneurs have set out with what they believed to be a great idea, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Often, this is simply due to a lack of research and a failure to do the math.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship: A CPA’s perspective” intends to teach you how to create and sustain a lifestyle business by understanding the finances of your business. It outlines the financial considerations and calculations to perform when looking to take your idea from inception to your desired outcome.

What is “Lifestyle Entrepreneurship” About?

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about more than simply running your own business to provide an income that frees you from having  to work for someone else. The goal of a true lifestyle entrepreneur is to create a business with enough assets so that at some point it can continue to provide an income and the desired lifestyle without the need for

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Source: Small Business Trends