Floating money

Every two weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech.

Wednesday, Jan. 27: Branch picks up $35 million to build up deep linking system

Branch Metrics has raised $35 million in a Series B round led by Founders Fund, according to a company press release. Branch provides a mobile deep linking system, allowing users to switch from one app to another the same way one clicks a link on the Web to hop from site to site. With the money, Branch hopes to double its 50-person staff by the end of 2016 and put its technology in the hands of more mobile users.
Tuesday, Feb. 2: Spotcap secures $31.5 million to get your business credit faster
Spotcap, which affords businesses credit through a streamlined, Internet-fueled process, has raised about $34 million in new funding, according to a company press release. Finstar Financial Group led the round, which Spotcap will use to “expand its operations globally and to finance its online

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Source: Street Fight