While the sharing of resources among individuals is not new, the last five years have seen an explosion in collective sharing thanks to the Internet.

From AirBnb and Uber to Car2Go and Rover, the new sharing economy business model gives consumers access to unused goods and services. From power tools to dog sitting to a ride to the airport, the sharing economy is revolutionizing how to acquire and use goods and services.

For those who share, the sharing economy provides a moderate income boost, helping users earn money from unused assets, like a car or parking space that would otherwise sit unused. For those who use these services, they’re able to take advantage of a higher quality of items or services than they would otherwise afford.

But booking that apartment rental or accepting a ride from a stranger comes with a risk: what if the person on the other end of the deal turns out to be crazy or downright dangerous? Are the risks of sharing with strangers online (who may or may not

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Source: Small Business Trends