Location data company PlaceIQ today released the results of an independent, third-party analysis of location data accuracy in 150 locations across five U.S. cities and also announced the launch of its Dynamic Distancing technology, which it says offers comprehensive, “reality-based” data for use by brands and marketers.

The report, conducted by global tech company Findyr, is the first of its kind, PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall told Street Fight. Many location data companies claim their data is the most precise in the marketplace (with some asserting that their reported locations fall within seemingly implausible accuracy ranges like two meters of the mobile user’s actual location) — so PlaceIQ commissioned the study to “bring some clarity to the market” and help marketers and brands understand how accurate location data really is.

Study participants stood at specific locations with known latitude and longitude coordinates and accepted location requests on their mobile devices. This

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Source: Street Fight