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Pasadena Now, published since 2004, bills itself as “one of the oldest continuously operated community news websites in the U.S.” Its co-founders and co-publishers are husband and wife James Macpherson (also editor) and Candice Merrill (associate editor). Before Pasadena Now, Macpherson designed and manufactured men’s and women’s clothes (after the computer age wrote an end to his typesetting business). 

“We built an online community newspaper the old-fashioned way — with daily deadlines, plenty of shoe leather and a grueling schedule of personally attending dozens of community events every month,” Macpherson says about Pasadena Now.

In this recent Q&A with Street Fight, Macpherson talks about the successes and challenges of competing against three online publications in a picturesque, mountain-surrounded and very urban and diverse community of 140,000 in Los Angeles County:

When you founded Pasadena Now, you called it a magazine. But it actually looks like a digital community

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Source: Street Fight