outbrain for chat

The online content discovery platform Outbrain has launched Outbrain for Chat, a new service that will help online publishers to launch content bots or applications across leading Messaging platforms. You may not have heard of Outbrain yet, but you most likely have come across some of their work online.

Some of those alluring links that you come across at the bottom of websites like New York Post, Sky News, The Telegraph and CNN are powered by Outbrain and are tailored to attract individuals using Outbrain’s behavioral analytics.

Now Outbrain, which makes money by taking a revenue cut from third-party link providers, wants to do more than provide links to content that you might be interested in. The company is now, using content bots for chat platforms, helping publishers to send you their stories through popular messaging apps like Slack, Telegram, Kik, and Facebook Messenger.

What Outbrain for Chat Can Do

Outbrain for Chat combines access to a proprietary Editorial Chat Management

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Source: Small Business Trends