The on-demand revolution has been in full swing for a few years now, and its presence in our everyday lives, in the form of mobile apps and services, is becoming increasingly normalized.

Rorie Devine’s work for, which sends interim managers to companies to help improve efficiency and deliver revenue growth, has taken him up close to the unfolding of on-demand within a number of verticals. Devine had previously served as CTO for ride-hailing app Hailo and also on-demand marketplace Bizzby.

Street Fight caught up with Devine (who will be a speaker at Street Fight’s upcoming LOCALCON conference in London on April 21st) to talk about his work in the on-demand space, and where he thinks the industry is headed.

Transportation has been especially disrupted by on-demand. What did you learn about that industry from your time at Hailo?
[On-demand] has really improved service. Depending on what location you’re in — and every city is different; the market in New York is

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Source: Street Fight