upwork pro enterprise find freelancers

There is a growing pool of premium freelancers and freelance market place Upwork (formerly Elance, oDesk) wants to help you tap into this global talent pool.

On Feb. 18, the giant freelance marketplace, which enables businesses and independent professionals to connect and collaborate remotely, announced two new paid services:

  • Upwork Pro
  • Upwork Enterprise.

The services are designed to help companies tap into Upwork’s pool of high-quality freelance talent.

Although marketed for mid-market and large enterprise companies, the new services may be an effective, convenient and maybe even cheaper alternative for small businesses that are looking to hire independent contractors than HR.

Small businesses today employ different talent sourcing strategies, including scouring job boards resume databases on sites like Monster, Careerbuilder and Craiglist, and using blogs and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise freelance jobs and to engage and drive applications.


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Source: Small Business Trends