alternatives to .com

As you may know, .com domain names are becoming harder and harder to find. A search for a .com name on domain registration sites like GoDaddy can often lead to frustration. And for most businesses, name extensions such as .org or .net just won’t work.

To make matters worse, domain squatters purchase thousands of names, holding them for ransom, often at exorbitant prices far more than a typical small business can afford.

Alternatives to .com

New Domain Name Category Offers Alternatives, Relevance

The good news is that a new category of domains and alternatives to .com now exists that includes everything from .accountant to .boutique, to .menu to .services, and even alphabetized extensions like .xyz — a range of options that numbers into the hundreds.

alternatives to .com

Why so many, you may ask? Small Business Trends interviewed Mike McLaughlin, senior vice-present of domains at GoDaddy for more.

“The number of domain names being registered is running into the 100s of millions,” McLaughlin said. “As

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Source: Small Business Trends