Ever had a brilliant idea for starting a business, or maybe just wanted to make some key overhauls to an existing business but never felt confident enough to pursue it? Perhaps some marketing pros and fellow entrepreneurs would have given you the feedback you needed to either go forward or scrap it altogether. Such was the thinking behind GoDaddy’s Flare, a new free mobile app available today.

“Flare is about giving people the confidence to make that next step with their business idea,” said Rene Reinsberg, GoDaddy’s VP of Emerging Products. “It’s a social app that is anchored by ideas.”

More specifically, Flare is a community space that fields and vets ideas from its users. People can log on and anonymously enter a concept they have for say, starting a local gardening service and receive support and advice in the form of “loves” — which is sort of like a Facebook like. Once they receive 10 “loves,” within 24 hours, their identity is revealed and their idea becomes eligible to be

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Source: Street Fight