I was fascinated by a finding of the new Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism study on how community and other news publications are tipping their revenue funnel toward native advertising. What caught my eye had nothing to do with dollars. It was all about how sponsored content could connect with readers as much as “news.” And sometimes maybe more.

Editors are proud guardians of the news they publish. They see it as a public service. But as they’ve had to adjust to producing news with fewer reporters and other staff, it is a thinner soup. But it’s not just an issue of resources – it’s the gap between audiences and editors in what’s considered news.

The Tow-Knight study on native ads, directed by Michele McLellan, creator of Michele’s List which ranks local news sites, commendably dives right into this issue.

Listen to Todd Handy, VP Advertising Strategy and Products at Deseret Digital. The company’s Salt Lake Deseret News, carried a campaign called “Ask a Chef” and “Ask

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