Hennessy and NasWhen Hennessy, the world’s #1 Cognac, launched its Wild Rabbit campaign in 2012, the brand’s executives didn’t want commercials of people at a party dancing and clinking glasses.

Instead, “we began to tell stories designed to motivate and empower people,” says Rodney Williams, Moét Hennessy’s CMO.

The whole message behind the campaign is to encourage people to pursue the limits of their potential and to, “never stop, never settle.” “The folks we have collaborated with are people who embody that. If you look at someone like Nas, it is not just that he mastered hip-hop and became what some regard as the best lyricist of all-time, but he also has branched out in many directions and is pushing his level of mastery to new and different areas.”

Indeed, 2016 marks the 4th year in a row that the rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Nasir “Nas” Jones has officially worked with Hennessy. But the relationship has been years in the making.

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