MOZ Local Search Insights

Meet Moz Local Search Insights. The company says the new tool is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their local search presence.

In an email interview with Small Business Trends, Dudley Carr, VP of Engineering at Moz, said, “Moz Local Insights is unique in how it helps a business look at local data. For each piece of data, we distill the data across all of your locations into a single, meaningful number. Moz Local Insights then breaks those numbers down to provide more detail into what’s driving those metrics.”

Delivering these metrics requires understanding locations, and for small businesses looking to get a return on their local search efforts, Moz Local Insights provides business analytics that allows companies to see how they are doing compared to local competitors for relevant search keywords.

By looking at performance data coming from Google Analytics, Google My Business, ranking metrics from Google search and reviews from sites like Yelp

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Source: Small Business Trends