Local business owners want to do everything they can to improve their online visibility, but they often face a daunting challenge of trying to figure out what methods actually work and which local marketing providers are most likely to be effective for them.

That uneasiness with local products and a lack of common standards has created some distrust in the marketplace, according to Moz CEO Sarah Bird, who will be a speaker at Street Fight Summit West next week in San Francisco. As a result, a lot of companies in local are trying to find new ways to establish online-to-offline attribution — so that business owners can know that the money they spend money on marketing actually results in sales.

Street Fight caught up with Bird recently to talk about why attribution has become such a hot issue in local, what the main challenges are in tying online to offline, and whether attribution can unlock some marketers who may be sitting on the sidelines.

Explain a bit about where Moz is these

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Source: Street Fight