Have you ever been in a situation where you need something moved (like, right now), but don’t have a truck or the manpower to get the item from one location to the other? A new company is trying to take some lessons from the rise of Uber to take the challenge out of moving. Launched in 2015, the Zootly on-demand moving app connects anyone who needs a mover or delivery with a professional mover in minutes.

Whether it’s for moving a couch, a whole home or even getting some big purchases home from a day of shopping, the idea is that you can get a van or a truck and some movers when and where the need arises.

Street Fight recently caught up with Zootly CEO George Colwell to talk about how the moving vertical lends itself to this kind of on-demand service, and how the company plans to build out its product.

Where did the idea for Zootly come from?
It was basically born out of frustration. Our founder Rudy Callegari was trying to move a couch one day and could not find help. That is the

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Source: Street Fight