Serial entrepreneur Lauren Maillian challenges aspiring business owners on the new Oxygen docu-series “Quit Your Day Job.” (Image: Lauren Maillian)

Tonight at 10pm EST/9pm CST on the Oxygen network, another new business docu-series premieres with hopes of catching the wave of audience popularity enjoyed by reality-show predecessors such as my faves, Shark Tank (on ABC) and The Profit (CNBC). Titled Quit Your Day Job, the series is aimed at capturing the drama, risks, challenges and rewards of a quintessential 21st century interpretation of the American Dream: Leaving a career with limited potential for fulfillment and financial reward for the opportunity to pursue unlimited wealth and satisfaction as an entrepreneur. (One of the stars of the show, serial entrepreneur and early-stage venture firm co-founder Lauren Maillian, is set to host the Elevator Pitch Contest at the upcoming Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit, May 4-7 in Miami).

As attractive and exciting as the jump from

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