how to attract millennial customers

For retailers, PWC’s Total Retail 2016 study (PDF) has a wealth of useful information about shopper behavior. But one statistic stood out for me because it’s so surprising: Millennial customers actually shop at physical stores more — not less — than other generations.

Of course, that’s not to say that Millennials don’t shop online. Eleven percent do so daily, 28 percent weekly and 40 percent monthly. However, 16 percent of the younger Millennials (aged 18-24) buy products in a physical store daily. That’s more than any other age group, and impressive even to me. (And I’m practically a professional shopper.)

There are many reasons Millennials — both the younger crowd and those up to age 34 — are so desirable as retail consumers. First, the obvious: They are the future, and the older Millennials are rapidly moving into their prime earning and spending years as they get married, buy homes and start families.

However, Millennials as a whole are also less price-conscious and more

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Source: Small Business Trends