mass influence book (1)Influence is a powerful tool for businesses, celebrities, and politicians alike. With it, these people can leverage lots of work without having to do a lot of work themselves. Influence, however, is something that everyone wants, but only a few achieve. How do you achieve influence that really counts in a world where everyone can speak their mind?

What “Mass Influence” is About

Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly Influential” delves into the mystery of “influence”, that strange thing that moves us to buy a product because it was Oprah mentioned it or pick a stock because Warren Buffet discussed it. Businesses all over the world chase this kind of power, because it pays off dividends in profits, word-of-mouth marketing, and public relations. This is why so many businesses Tweet, Pin, blog, email, make YouTube videos, and Instagram photos. They want to reach that point where their voice makes a difference.

“Mass Influence” is geared more toward a different kind of influence, but

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Source: Small Business Trends