Facebook, Social

Local newspapers have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. They of course love all the pageviews and distribution this Godzilla of platforms can send them with just a twitch from its servers. But they hate the advertising revenue that Facebook generates — and keeps — from all the content it hosts. Unfortunately the love part of the relationship is not proving very fulfilling. Local papers are not replacing their lost print ad revenue with digital dollars.

National brand campaigns, especially on video, can be hugely effective advertising, but local papers just don’t have the numbers to give businesses the return on investment they get from other sites which can offer many more millions of PVs. The papers have their scale-focused partnerships like the nearly three-year-old Local Media Consortium and the recently founded Nucleus Marketing Solutions, but the chains that are members of LMC are not yet close to closing their print-to-digital revenue gaps. (NMS is too new to measure its

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Source: Street Fight