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In this space, I recently looked into plans by publishers to try and dramatically reshape their relationship with audiences and advertisers (here and here) in the form of an Informational Trust Exchange.

After mulling over this plan for a bit, I went to Rusty Coats, executive director of the Local Media Consortium, to see if he thought the key players would buy into such a realignment.  If the concept  has any chance of succeeding, it has to win support from at least a good-sized share of “legacy” publishers, many of whom are members of the LMC. Proponents of the ITE says it will rescue publishers from “The Platforms” — Facebook, et al — who they say take publishers’ content as fodder for millions of daily conversations, which then remain on the platform, depriving the publishers of audiences and ad revenue. The ITE says its plans would benefit advertisers, too, by giving them much more detailed, but privacy-protected information about readers they want to talk with as consumers.


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Source: Street Fight