More and more community news publishers are using email newsletters to build closer relationships with their audiences and develop a new source of ad revenue. To help publishers maximize benefits from newsletters that go to subscribing users, a number of companies have sprouted up in the digital landscape. In effect, they put newsletters on steroids.

One is seven-year-old, New York-based LiveIntent, whose 1,300 publisher clients include Hearst, New York Times, Washington Post and ESPN. Through these relationships, LiveIntent can target 130 million unique visitors.

In the following Q & A, the company’s president Jason Kelly, who joined the firm in January from Millennial Media (where he was president before it was acquired by Aol), details how, among other things, LiveIntent can help publishers compete with Facebook and other social-media platforms for ad revenue.

Why is a user’s email address the most important piece of data he/she can provide?
Email is the rare medium that works

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