Live Video Streaming: Why It Could Be a Massive Time Waster for BusinessThere is a lot of buzz around live video streaming and for good cause. People love to consume video.

The question is this; is live video streaming the best marketing option for your business, audience and customers?

Before you pursue live video streaming as a strategy discover whether or not your audience is the right audience to consume it and if it makes sense for you to pursue it?

Discover in today’s podcast and article why live video streaming may be a waste of your time and resources and a few tips you can use to make it profitable if you choose to pursue it.


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Live Video Streaming: Is it a Waste of Your Time for Business?


Reports are coming out that say live video streaming is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing.

In fact, Social Media Examiner just came out with their Social Media Marketing Industry Report for 2016 and they say that nearly 50% of marketers are either interested in, or are going to be pursuing, live

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