linksys wireless network services

Wireless network services have now become a must for almost all businesses. Whether it is a coffee shop, a book store or large corporation, having wireless access gives employees and customers access to the Internet or company networks right away.

Depending on the kind of setup you choose to deploy, it can be expensive and for small businesses, a cost effective solution that is secure, reliable, and scalable is always the way to go.

The new clustering feature from Linksys will configure and secure up to 16 access points (APs) from a single point of control — for free. It goes without saying you have to have a Linksys access point to make this possible.

Wireless Network Services

A wireless access point allows devices with wireless capability to connect between devices and the Internet or a network using WiFi. The technology has been simplified to the point where almost anyone can have a WiFi network deployed in any location. But as more APs are added, it can get complicated.


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Source: Small Business Trends