Let's Make Money HoneyAs you will discover when reading “Let’s Make Money, Honey,” you do not need to be young to be an entrepreneur and start your own business. In fact, leaving it until later on in life can prove to be extremely beneficial. However, owning and running a business as a couple has its own set of challenges.

In the book “Let’s Make Money, Honey,” the authors recount their own personal story of running a business together, and how it is important to determine whether as a couple you will be able to successfully work together.

“Let’s Make Money, Honey” tells the story of how Barry Silverstein and his wife, Sharon Wood, after their successful careers in marketing, decided to do something completely different. Not yet ready to retire, they decided to create a business together using their collective skills and mutual interests.

Starting a business as a couple has become popular, especially among more mature couples who may have been laid off, or who feel that they are not yet ready to retire

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Source: Small Business Trends