News Journalism Information Publication Update Media Advertisment Concept

One of the worst fears of news publishers is an airline ad accidentally appearing next to an article about an airplane crash. Rather, what publishers would like to see, and regularly, are ad messages that appear to be perfectly related and contextually appropriate to the articles they are beside.

When readers browse to a story about one of their favorite sport teams, publishers would like to see an ad message about the team’s products. Even if the story makes only a passing reference to the team, the product message can go straight to those sections of the brain’s cortex that create desire — and, marketers hope, turn readers into consumers, preferably at that very time that the match is made.

Up until now, most digital ad targeting has focused on marrying the right ad with the individual user. But that kind of targeting can be hit or miss. Ads can be targeted to the wrong people because of imprecise data piggy-backed on to users’ “cookies,” or messages can be endlessly repeated

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