Small Business Book Awards Nominations

It’s last call! Time is running out to nominate your favorite book or resource for the 2016 Small Business Book Awards. Deadline for nominations is April 27, 2016 2:59 p.m. EST, so we’re getting down to the wire.

As always, books can be nominated in a number of different categories including marketing, social media, management, economics, technology, startup or motivation. There is an eighth category called simply resources — basically sort of a catchall category including people, companies, tools and apps supporting authors of small business books.

There have been more than 149 nominations thus far, but there is always room for more! So be sure to beat that April 27 deadline.

Small Business Book Awards Nominations


Besides fitting into one of eight categories above, several criteria must be met for a book to be eligible for the 2016 Small Business Book Awards. First, books and resources must be non-fiction and be relevant to the small business market, though relevant

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Source: Small Business Trends