infected apple apps XcodeGhost

When Apple found out XcodeGhost had infected more than 4,000 applications in its Apple Store recently, the company took immediate actions to identify the infected apps and remove them from its App Store. Apple then released a set of new security features to stop this activity.

Xcode is Apple’s programming framework used by developers to create apps. XcodeGhost is a modified version of Xcode responsible for introducing malicious functionality into apps without the knowledge of developers.  If an app was created using the compromised Xcode, it could be vulnerable.

What XcodeGhost Does?

XcodeGhost mines the data of legitimate apps. Some of the data it looks for include location and language info, network information, the “identifierForVendor” of the device and more. Once XcodeGhost has the information, it sends it to an external server.

If you have the infected apps, the best thing to do is to delete them from your device. Then make sure you have the latest version of iOS9 and change

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