Mobile payments continue to show promise for the long-elusive holy grail that is marketing attribution. However they’ve erstwhile followed the adoption rate I predicted almost two years ago: slowly.

The holdup is mobile payments’ lack of value proposition beyond a slightly lighter wallet. It needs more than that to change such an entrenched consumer habit. Paper and plastic were never a pain point.

In fact, it turns out that normal people aren’t as enamored by shiny new technologies as we in Silicon Valley are. They want tangible utility, such as saving time, money, on-demand convenience or skipping lines.

Starbucks’ “order & pay” feature has been the shining example of that value-tradeoff. It’s helped motivate 11 million people to make the mobile payment leap — representing 20 percent of its U.S. sales.

The other side of the chicken-and-egg formula is merchant compatibility. There we’ve seen meager adoption, even at the big box level. Don’t even think about large scale SMB

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Source: Street Fight