multiple accounts on instagram

Recently, Instagram announced a new feature which has been included in its mobile app. You can now have multiple accounts on Instagram and switch easily between them from within the Instagram mobile app without having to sign out.

This will no doubt come as a delight to Instagram’s huge user base, especially business users. These users in particular have had need to manage multiple accounts on Instagram for some time.

The new Instagram feature comes with the app version 7.15 available now for download on both Android and iOS from the App Store and Google Play Store. It allows users to be able to add up to five different accounts in the same app, and switch between any of these accounts at any time, instantly.

Multiple Accounts on Instagram

The need for multiple accounts on Instagram may not be a reality for everyone. But for the entrepreneur who is managing several brands, the need is clear. This is because multiple accounts can be needed to manage and promote different individual

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Source: Small Business Trends