Robot and human touching forefingers

If Facebook’s bot-centric announcements this week served as the call to arms to anyone hoping for a more automated future, one response came from a couple guys in New York arming up in a rather meta way. Brothers Pablo and Omar Pera launched — what else? — a “bot of bots” called Bot Hunter.

“We thought what a better way to discover new bots than a bot that curates them for you,” Omar said with a smile. “We used our own platform,, to build Bot Hunter.”

Essentially Bot Hunter allows queries about the latest hot bots and delivers users weekly updates. The brothers also programmed the Hunter to gather and deliver feedback to bot creators. Find your local shopping agent featured on Bot Hunter? Expect to get critical feedback.

“Initially, we’ll just send an email summary to the bot creator. And, for those that agree, we’ll put them in direct contact via Messaging,” said Omar. “They will be talking in the conversation thread of the bot… so that they can get early feedback

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Source: Street Fight