Increase SEO Traffic--  The Missing Links Between Google and Your Customers?If you want to Increase SEO traffic, it seems more challenging than ever with the constant evolution and changes from Google.

What are the real missing links between a search engine, your customers and your website?

How your potential customers are searching is changing rapidly.

If you are doing SEO the way it’s always been done… i.e. you research keywords, put those keywords in our website, write a 500 or 700 page SEO optimized article, and create linking strategies… that’s not going to work exactly like it used to.

Those days are rapidly coming to end. Not just because Google’s changing, but because the consumer is changing.

Learn how the consumer is forcing changes to the way Google presents content and how you must evolve the way you create and present content moving forward in order to capitalize on these changes and grow you business


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Increase SEO Traffic – Discover the Missing Links Between Google, Your Customers and Your Website [Read the full story here ]
Source: Unveil the Web