fashion brand feedback

The fashion industry’s growth has been enviable. When dissected, the remarkable growth points at the factors below:

  • Customer feedback in fashion commerce
  • Mobile commerce
  • Millennials making up the target audience
  • Harnessing big data

Fashion startups are following innovative promotional strategies. Some are creating platform for sustainable fashion, some are letting fashion lovers rent expensive designer clothes, and some are creating member-only zones for designer garments.

The key to success, however, depends on incorporating automation. Automation can increase the effectiveness of all the said factors. Let me explain how.

Fashion Brand Feedback

Fashion brands sell garments, apparels, jewelry and vanity accessories. They value honest fashion brand feedback from customers because it clues them in on the quality and trendiness of the stuff they sell.

However, if the feedback is too honest, then that might be a problem for them as negative feedback posted online can hurt a brand’s

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Source: Small Business Trends