imoneza paywall charge for content

While doing research, you find the perfect source material but after only one or two articles, a page pops up asking you to subscribe to the magazine in order to read more.

That can be $30 or more and you really don’t have any use for that content beyond this research. Paying that kind of money feels like just a waste.

That’s how Mike Gehl, founder of iMoneza, feels. Why can’t you just purchase exactly what you need or want?

Gehl explains in a release, “I was in an unfamiliar city and wanted to go out to eat. As I searched, I noticed all the quality restaurant reviews were behind a paywall and my only option was to purchase a subscription. I just wanted to pay thirty, forty, fifty cents, whatever it may be, to read this review.”

That is how Gehl developed iMoneza and the idea is simple. A publisher who wants to charge for content creates a free iMoneza account and either uses a CMS plug-in or places a small bit of code on his or her website.

The publishers are able to sell their

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Source: Small Business Trends