outside consultants

Every small business owner should focus on what the customer values.

Your Business Professor was struggling to manage my part of a $200 million dollar project at an All-Staff Meeting. There were whispers between my directors and some of their back-benching assistants. Something was odd about their conversations. Their language was off-kilter.

In hushed tones I heard, client specs … I stopped. Were they talking about – me?

I looked at the very well-dressed attendees and played a hunch.

“If your paycheck does not have my company’s name on it,” I asked, “Please indicate by raising your hand.”

Two-thirds of my “team” were outside consultants.

I got mad. For no reason. I wanted control-control-control of everything, everywhere.

I thought that I had to be “hands on.” “The Old Man In Charge.” “The Source” of all wisdom and to be the giver of directions. I was somewhat confident about my authority over the consultants and their far-flung staff. But I feared that my influence would not

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Source: Small Business Trends